Connected H5P hotspots

Using the same example as previously, I exported the map from my Condensr think tool and uploaded it into the H5P interactive content plugin in this WordPress site.

Try it out (clicking the “+” icons), and also see the fullscreen view (use the button in the upper right).

Unlike the first test, this one has no genuine background image but a screenshot of the map showing the connector lines which I cannot create (or don’t know how to create) in H5P by now.

Trying out H5P

Update 2020-10-05: My version (the upper one) was slightly modified. The previous state (referred to by the first three comments), is now frozen in screenshots (embedded, fullscreen). There is also a little “making-of” video here.

Inspired by CogDog & JRDingwall’s “kitchen“, I played with H5P interactive textbook elements, and tried to “cook” my own content type.


The above version violates the doctrine of the “Split-Attention Effect” (because the explanations are not close to the items described; see here for more). So I also created a version using the original H5P content type of “Image Hotspot”, see below.

Which one do you like better?