Connected H5P hotspots

Using the same example as previously, I exported the map from my Condensr think tool and uploaded it into the H5P interactive content plugin in this WordPress site.

Try it out (clicking the “+” icons), and also see the fullscreen view (use the button in the upper right).

Unlike the first test, this one has no genuine background image but a screenshot of the map showing the connector lines which I cannot create (or don’t know how to create) in H5P by now.

3 Replies to “Connected H5P hotspots”

  1. So I played with this a bit. It feels great to me. The red highlighting around the box really makes it work.

    Then I went back and played with the previous example. I found that I got really annoyed by the text boxes sliding in and covering up part of the image. The top version (with the text at the side) felt much better to me.

    This is different from how I felt the first time, but again, the size of the text I think makes a real difference – I’m on a different screen at the moment, and the smaller text is easier to read.

  2. Many thanks for trying it! Indeed my previous example has changed with my improved H5P code. That is why I took screenshots of the state that you and Alan commented on, and linked them in the “Update 2020-10-05”.
    For the red highlighting, credit’s due to the original version of by Jörg Richter which led to my Condensr when he abandoned it.


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